Greetings gardeners young Fred here.

I am still deputising for th’ owd chap who is busy contemplating [the inside of his eyelids] in the shade of his apple tree.

You know it doesn’t seem five minutes since we were talking about sowing seeds and getting ready for the growing season and here we are at the end of July and only about six weeks to go to our Annual Show. I hope you have all got plenty of plants to exhibit.  Last years show was very successful and I hope the 2019 show will be even better.

It’s strange how some years one or two sections attract quite a lot of exhibits while others tend not to be so popular. Considering the rose is our national flower we get remarkably few entries. Maybe this year will prove me wrong.

Tomatoes always attract a good few items so let us see who can carry off the first prize this year. Th’ owd chap says he will not be putting in any toms this time because they are not good enough. I think he has been contemplating [or sleeping} too much. Not that he ever wins!

Handicrafts and painting are always very competitive as are the baking, jam and chutney sections. The little 'uns continue to contribute although this year I would like to see more emphasis on growing plants. Here’s hoping we will get more entries from schools.

It’s not all about winning though, so long as we enjoy our gardening.

Well I think that’s enough of me for now so I think I will wish you all happy gardening and hope to see you at the show.

Fred the younger