Stand 101 “Foraging in the garden”


Early July the additional planting by members of the Society are beginning to arrive and on Angela’s lawn the shape and nature of the garden begins to emerge. The weather has been a mixture of sunshine and showers which is perfect. After months of planning, growing, regrowing, some failures, some fantastic successes, it is all beginning to take shape.

 This all began in January/February 2022 when Angela Ball, our chairperson, was approached by the RHS to consider developing a plan for their community garden section . After months of liaising with the RHS, undertaking copious amounts of admin, researching and designing the garden,  sowing,  growing and maintaining the plants as they emerged either in the greenhouse or in the ground where they have overwintered.   We are here! Middle of July and building can begin, just as we receive warnings of hot weather to come in the next few days.

 The following images show the garden as it has evolved this week.  It is exciting to be back at Tatton and the site has a real buzz about it as contractors and nurseries alike arrive to build their stands. All probably praying for rain on Tuesday night