Our  Committee Structure is in accordance with the Society's Constitution. The Committee meet once a month. Society members can contact any Committee member prior to these meetings to request  their query/business is taken to a Committeemeeting.


Angela Ball 

Role - Chair 

Profile -I have been gardening for as long as I can remember - starting as a young child ‘helping’ my grandfather on his allotment. My gardening philosophy is to work in support of nature and I enjoy seeing the wild life flourish as a result. I grow fruit and veg and like experimenting with new and unusual things, this year I tried growing chick peas and had home grown sea kale for the first time. In the flower garden I am interested in scent and seasonal colour and try and plant for maximum effect.


Ann Billington 

Role - Secretary

Profile -My interest in gardening comes from my Dad, who, like me, had a very limited knowledge of growing things and learned the hard way, occasional triumphs and lots of failures. Having a small garden, I attempt to grow vegetables in tubs, along with tomatoes and peppers in a small plastic greenhouse. I am known to make jam, but my one real gardening love is roses, all kinds, especially the ones with a strong perfume. Gardening is not an easy run, but its great fun to try.


Muriel Jones

Role - Treasurer

Profile -My interest started as a child in Australia with my Dad, mainly fruit trees and veg. This gave me the encouragement to make jams and preserves from the fruit my Dad grew. Today my main gardening interest is growing vegetables and all fruits rather than flowers. Thankfully my children have also taken up the garden fork and enjoy growing all vegetables and fruit.


The rest of the gang;

Bill & Sylvia Tabb

Carole & John Mather

John & Joy Owen