Finally you can beat the drums, blow your horns, as the results are now in for Widnes Horticultural Societies’ first virtual show. Ably collated by our Chair Angela Ball and judged by the inimitable Bill Tabb.

Show Schedule

 The schedule was  shortened from its usual format  and comprised 11 categories.  


  •  Tomato envy - just how green are your tomatoes / how many of them do you have? Ok you can show red ones as well - or any other colour for that matter!
  •  Floral fancy - anything with flowers
  •  Lockdown sanctuary - photos of your garden or your special place in the garden.
  •  Weirdos - anything weird and wonderful - odd and funny shapes definitely not your usual show material!
  •  Whoopsies - definitely not as shown on gardener’s world! Things have gone wrong - let’s share what can happen - things like insect infestations / poor growth etc. The important thing is not to let it dent your confidence - it happens to us all whether a new-comer or an old hand. If you have something that you would usually rather hide - this year share it so that everyone can see it’s not ‘just them’!
  •  Big and beautiful - any plant, veg, flower that’s perhaps your personal best or something that you think is a cut above the rest
  •  Home-made - any craft or cookery project that you would like to share. Home-made jam it might be a challenging photo!
  •  Widnes wildlife - doesn’t have to be from your garden - let’s capture some of the diversity in our community.
  •  Your favourite tree - let’s celebrate our surroundings - the tree can be anywhere so you don’t even need a garden.
  •  All and sundry - anything that you want to show / share that doesn’t really fit in the above.
  •  Children’s lockdown - show us any art / craft or garden related activity that you’ve done during lockdown. Send anything that fits with a category above - for instance, do you have a great photo of a bee? 
  • Judges Special Prizes

Congratulations to everyone that submitted entries, it really shows how important our gardens are to us and what skills and talents there are amongst our members.


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