Here on this page you will find details of how to enter our Virtual Show for 2020.

All entries will be submitted as photographs; either forwarded to the Society's email address or photographs delivered to our chairperson or secretary. Entries to be submitted by September 12th to the Society email;  If you intend delivering photographs by hand please contact a Committee member.

Show Schedule

 The schedule has been  shortened from its usual format  and comprises 11 categories. If you’d like to have a go submit



  •  Tomato envy - just how green are your tomatoes / how many of them do you have? Ok you can show red ones as well - or any other colour for that matter!
  •  Floral fancy - anything with flowers
  •  Lockdown sanctuary - photos of your garden or your special place in the garden.
  •  Weirdos - anything weird and wonderful - odd and funny shapes definitely not your usual show material!
  •  Whoopsies - definitely not as shown on gardener’s world! Things have gone wrong - let’s share what can happen - things like insect infestations / poor growth etc. The important thing is not to let it dent your confidence - it happens to us all whether a new-comer or an old hand. If you have something that you would usually rather hide - this year share it so that everyone can see it’s not ‘just them’!
  •  Big and beautiful - any plant, veg, flower that’s perhaps your personal best or something that you think is a cut above the rest
  •  Home-made - any craft or cookery project that you would like to share. Home-made jam it might be a challenging photo!
  •  Widnes wildlife - doesn’t have to be from your garden - let’s capture some of the diversity in our community.
  •  Your favourite tree - let’s celebrate our surroundings - the tree can be anywhere so you don’t even need a garden.
  •  All and sundry - anything that you want to show / share that doesn’t really fit in the above.
  •  Children’s lockdown - show us any art / craft or garden related activity that you’ve done during lockdown. Send anything that fits with a category above - for instance, do you have a great photo of a bee? Then send it in.



 Submit your entries by the September 12th 2020 to the society email address; or as instructed above.

 Other than that there are no rules! If you have any other ideas for virtual activities - let us know. We’ll endeavour to publish every entry - but we can’t make any promises as it’ll depend on how many we get. Thanks for your interest.

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